Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Mickey Kaus apparently needs a new prescription for his reading glasses... it seems it took an alert (!) reader to point out to him the reason behind Dean's big jump in Monday's Zobgy tracking number (#2 with an Asterisk!).

Here's the actual report from Z hisself. Notice how he buried the explanation for Dean's boost an entire quarter of an inch below the poll results. What a cad!

Yes, clearly it's not the fault of any lazy media folk for not reporting (or, indeed, even noticing) the caveat about the boost (which disappeared Tuesday morning or, by Z's account, Monday night). It's that darn Zogby, always looking for cheap publicity.

I love the quote from Mystery Pollster: "[H]as Zobgy been probing leaners (and withholding the results) all along, or did he just start last Friday?" Well, maybe I'm just being nit-picky, but the fact that they are 'leaners' would pretty clearly imply that they were leaning towards some candidate or other. Or were they simply drunk? Maybe Zogby's secret polling technique involves a lot of bar-hopping.

The fact that Zogby chose to lump 'leaners' into the Undecided camp early, then count them as supporters the day before the vote, at least has some rational basis behind it, agree or disagree with the methodology. The decision to run his numbers without reporting that methodology to explain/create a sudden 'surge'? Mmmm, less so.

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