Thursday, February 19, 2004

Calpundit, as usual, keeps blowing holes in the White House version of Bush's Guard service.

He links to this article in the Memphis Flyer (not exactly the Grey Lady, is it?) which, well, read it for yourself. This, to me, is the damning graf:

“I talked to one of my buddies the other day and asked if he could remember Bush at drill at any time, and he said, ‘Naw, ol’ George wasn’t there. And he wasn’t at the Pit, either.’”

The “Pit” was The Snake Pit, a nearby bistro where the squadron’s pilots would gather for frequent after-hours revelry.

You're telling me that Bush was at Dannelly for months in 1972, and didn't go out drinking with his fellow fighter jocks? Not once?

If you'll swallow that one, have I got a deal for you on some surplus Iraqi WMDs...

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