Saturday, February 07, 2004

Google News can be so much fun sometimes.

Look at some of these leads on the Iraq intelligence commission story:

Chicago Tribune -- Responding to bipartisan criticism of the intelligence that helped spur the United States to attack...

See, it's the intelligence that's been the target of bipartisan attacks.

Nobody on the White House's team has attacked their use of the intelligence. Nothing dishonest here. Keep it moving, nothing to see...

This next one might be my favorite.

Detroit Free Press -- President George W. Bush answered the calls Friday, naming an independent and bipartisan commission to review the way this country collects and analyzes...

Wow, how much spin can you pack into one sentence fragment?

Brr-ring. Brr-ring. "Hello?" "Dubya, this is destiny calling, son. This is your moment now. You've got to save this country from the CIA. They've strayed from the path your daddy set for 'em." "Johnny Cash? Is that you? Dick told me you were dead." "I am, son, I am." "Whoa."

I also love that 'the way this country' construction. Li'l Bushie is just trying to heal our pain!

They also forgot 'toothless' when describing the 'independent and bipartisan' committee.

Oh yeah, and the headline? "Intelligence, Truth". Is that supposed to describe the commission, or Bush himself?

Looks like the Senile Old Lady took her pills this morning.

New York Times -- It will be more than a year before the country hears the conclusions of the commission that...

That's under the headline "Administration's Message on Iraq Now Strikes Discordant Notes" which at least tosses the focus back to the administration, not the intelligence community.

Of course the international coverage is a bit, shall we say, different.

London Free Press -- Facing election-year criticism and doubts about US credibility, President George W. Bush named seven people yesterday to investigate Iraq...

That's London, Ontario, Canada of course, not London Engu-lund.

NEWS.com.au -- US President George Bush has insured himself against political fallout by ordering the independent commission into flawed weapons of mass destruction claims to...

The Aussies have the right idea about Bush's motives, anyway. Oh yeah, the headline? "Bush's ploy on WMD inquiry" Where's that instinctive cynicism on this side of the big pond?

BBC News -- By appointing an independent commission to exam the intelligence on Iraq, President Bush hopes to neutralise the issue in this year's election...

The Beeb takes the same angle as the Aussies. It's the election, stupid!

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