Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Here's what I learned tonight: Wolf Blitzer is not a football fan.

There was a borderline surreal moment just after 8 EST on CNN when Paul Begala was very nearly giggling at how a late endorsement from Barry Switzer of all people was fueling Edwards' surge in Oklahoma. He wrapped up, and they cut back to Wolf in the studio. The emotions playing across his face were incredible; he neither knew nor cared who Barry Switzer was, which made him take what Begala was saying completely at face value, and he wasn't even bothering to hide his disdain and scorn at the thought of a mere football coach meddling in politics. The result?

BLITZER: Barry Switzer... a very... influential... person in Oklahoma. Coming up next...

I'm going to remember that moment every time somebody talks about Kerry being an elitist who's out of touch with common Americans.

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