Monday, February 02, 2004

I sometimes feel like I could devote a whole blog to Mickey Kaus' convoluted thought processes. This one is an impressive enough bit of psycho-contortion to warrant a post though:

There's a palpable will to self-deceive among Democrats eager to rationalize away Kerry's flaws. (Jon Alter, this means you, but not only you.) This understandable impulse--"denial" may be the technical term-is highly dangerous at this point in the presidential race, when it's not too late to nominate an alternative. It's similar to the will to rationalize away Gennifer Flowers' story as "tabloid" trash in 1992--a bit of willful self-deception that came back to haunt the Democrats six years later.

"Came back to haunt the Dems"? What, you mean after Clinton won two elections? Oh, the horror, the horror! If Kerry's character flaws ("Kerry's botox doctor revealed! Film at 11!") similarly come back to "haunt" the Dems in 2010, that's a trade-off an awful lot of people would be happy to make.

Of course maybe he's trying to say that since any half-decent Dem candidate should be able to beat Bush handily in the upcomin', the party should make sure and pick the best one (Actually he has, more or less: Unlike many fellow Democrats, I don't worry so much that a blatantly flawed figure like Kerry will lose to President Bush. I worry more he won't lose...) But using Gennifer Flowers as an example of a nomination pitfall is just ridiculous, unless you don't think Clinton's inability to keep it in his pants was a reasonable 'price' to pay for what ended up being eight years of pretty damn good governing.

Kaus has a story -- "Kerry is worse than Bush!" -- and he's sticking to it, come hell or high water. The sillier he gets trying to prove his point though, the less plausible it seems.

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