Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I've been flat on my back with the flu... hence the radio silence.

It does look like the White House strategy with regard to the AWOL story seems to have worked though. They diverted the press attention towards October 1972, then the double-whammy of the doc dump and Lt. Col. Calhoun's (chock full o' holes) testimony convinced the press that the story was played out.

UPDATE: When I say that Calhoun's testimony is "chock full o' holes", I don't mean that I think he's lying (although given that the pay records available contradict him, it's certainly possible). I just don't believe that his story does anything to discredit the AWOL story -- instead, it actually supports it. The National Guard denied Bush's transfer to Alabama in May '72. Calhoun reports that, based on an informal call from Bush's Texas base commander, he allowed Bush to 'do drills' in his office all through that summer. I'd call that one eyewitness to the fact that Bush was absent from his assigned unit without leave...

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