Wednesday, February 11, 2004

So after yesterday's indication that the WH press corps isn't going to give up on the Bush National Guard story so easily, let's see what Google News has to say about it the morning after...

Political Smear -- San Diego Union Tribune

Media failed to find facts behind Bush's service record -- Chicago Sun Times

(See, just like it's the CIA's fault for trumping up their watered-down WMD claims, this brou-ha-ha is the media's fault because back in 2000 they didn't uncover the DD-214 form Bush can't/won't release... did Dan Bartlett write this piece for them or something?)

Aides say records prove Bush served -- Dallas Morning News


There are some rays of sunshine though:

Lt. Bush Not So Memorable -- Newsday

Bush releases military papers, but gaps remain -- Miami Herald

President met minimums for Guard service -- Houston Chronicle

If I were Niccolo Machiavelli... er, Karl Rove, that last one is the one I'd be worried about. If, even if Bush manages to duck this one somehow, the meme the media falls back on is, "Bush skated by doing the minimum while John Kerry was being shot at in Vietnam", that still isn't going to be a good thing for the 'war president'. If that's the best Bush can hope for out of this, he's in a lot of trouble.

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