Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Some interesting numbers from that Zogby fine print Tuesday morning...

- Arizona seems like a Kerry lock. He's got a 14 point bulge on Clark with only 10% undecided.

- on the other hand, Oklahoma is going to be a nail-biter. 24% undecided according to Zogby, with just 5% separating Kerry, Clark and Edwards.

- South Carolina, however, is also a dogfight. 20% undecided, with Edwards holding just a four point lead on Kerry. This is the state that could cause Kerry to rue his decision to pick up stakes and campaign in Washington this afternoon.

How the media portrays the candidates, and the races, today could be huge. If Kerry supporters out west get complacent I can see the Sooner State falling to Edwards, who of the three is showing the biggest surge (up seven points since the weekend, with Clark up three and Kerry up two).

In fact that's my call -- Edwards takes both OK and SC, with Kerry netting the other five. Which could mean that not only does the nomination get decided today, but the VP slot as well...

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