Monday, February 23, 2004

Some quick math for Ahmed Chabili and Dick Cheney:

$4 million divided by 544 deaths (as of Friday) = $7,352.94 per US casualty since the invasion

Partially as a result of Chabili's falsified intelligence, we invaded Iraq. Asa result of that needless invasion, 544 Americans have died. We are still going to pay Chabili's propaganda unit $4 million this year to deliver, presumably, more politicized, lying intel.

$7,500 per death.

Of course by the time the year is out we could be paying Chabili much less per casualty. But what's another thousand or so bodies between friends?

Never forget -- the US government created Saddam, supported Saddam and armed Saddam, to fight Iran. Point me to one shred of evidence that Chabili won't end up being exactly the same kind of "friend" Saddam was.

Meet the new boss; same as the old boss...

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