Monday, February 02, 2004

This is cute. According to Kat Seelye over at the Senile Old Lady (who's own record on covering the Bush National Guard story isn't exactly Pulitzer-worthy) DNC chairperson Terry McAuliffe may have raised the issue again, post-Jennings, as "a diversionary tactic" due to his "dismay as the Democratic candidates deliver increasingly harsh blows at one another." The punch line of course: "If that was the case, it failed."

Funny, wasn't it just last week that the pundits were mewling about how nice the Dems were being to each other? I guess they're getting tired of waiting for the kid gloves to come off. They've learned the lesson well from the White House. When reality doesn't co-operate with your policy goals (and in this case, Big Media's policy goal is clearly to 'sex up' the campaign with internicide squabbling), just make crap up instead.

UPDATE: More from today's Times. Paragraph three is the lynchpin:

The gloves have not exactly come off in the Democratic nominating contests. Yet it is safe to say that they are, at least, being unlaced, as campaign strategists calculate the risks of engaging in a real fight while taking tentative jabs.

Right. So it's not a "real fight" until the candidates go negative. I'm sure the people of Iowa and New Hampshire will be surprised to learn that their selection processes were just sparring sessions in preparation for the real thing.

No wonder they want the campaign pared down to two candidates. It makes the boxing metaphors less awkward.

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