Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Time for a Wednesday morning headline sweep!

The pundits got their wish:

Chink in Kerry’s Armor -- ABC News

Kerry, Edwards Look Ahead; Dean Weighs Options -- Fox News

Edwards Proves His Point With a Strong Late Surge -- New York Times

Glimpses Of A Brawl Ahead -- Hartford Courant

Wisconsin important again as Edwards gets wish for boost -- Kansas City Star

New challenges face energized Edwards campaign -- San Francisco Chronicle

The Rule of Two has finally clamped down on the Dem race. Of course Dean hasn't actually, y'know, quit or anything, but that's just nit-picking. The obits on his campaign have already been written:

Dean prepares exit strategy -- MSNBC

Give Dean his due for rousing Democrats -- Chicago Sun-Times

Dean Goes Offline -- Slate

For Dean, Loss Marks End of Road -- Los Angeles Times

Dean's chance to be a hero -- Boston Globe

I especially like the inherent tension between the Chicago Sun-Times and Boston Globe. According to the S-T, Dean has already performed a valuable service for his party; according to the Globe, the only valuable service he can perform is getting the hell out of the way of the real candidates.

It just points out that the 'official' version of the Rise and Fall of Scary Yelling Man hasn't quite congealed yet in the minds of Big Media. They didn't know what to make of him then; they don't know what to make of him now. Even Slate, who you might think would be closer to the ground on his campaign, completely misses the boat. Even if his candidacy ends, Dean will very definitely not be offline. His presence, and his supporters, will haunt the ether for quite a while yet, spinning politics in unexpected ways.

Just ask Rep. Ben Chandler, D-KY.

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