Wednesday, February 18, 2004

To everyone who still feels that Karl Rove is some sort of evil genius whose every move is pure brilliance, I give you: Fort Polk.

After a couple of days lull, the National Guard story has crept back up the Google News charts (#3 on the US board, with 120 hits and counting). And why? Because Bush went and visited a damn National Guard base!

Morons! They had gotten away with it! Calhoun's testimony, combined with the reams of documents they dumped on the media on Friday, had stifled the story. But in the White House's total arrogance, they couldn't just leave the thing alone for a week or two and let the final embers die down. Nope, they had to slap together a photo op at the last minute just to, I dunno, prove their manhood was longer and veinier than Terry McAuliffe's or something.

And now the story lives on. Vietnam War comes back to bite fortunate sons who didn't serve, says the Salt Lake Tribune (via the Chicago Trib). Political storm about Guard duty hovers over visit, the Chi Trib itself says. National Guard no longer a detour from war duty notes the Miami Herald, trying to derail one of the White House's chosen spin points. Straight to the point goes the Indianapolis Star: What did you do in the war?

The facts are sitting right there in plain sight. Bush left Texas in the summer of 1972 despite having been specifically turned down for a transfer to Alabama. He didn't get a valid order to report for duty in 'Bama until the end of October. The longer the story stays alive, the better the chance someone in Big Media is going to spell that out for folks. And the White House are now the ones keeping the story alive!

Morons. Hee hee!

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