Saturday, March 27, 2004

First (or rather, Frist): if Ole Bill is so irate about Clarke making money off 9/11 via his book, you'd think he'd be having an aneurysm over somebody using it for political gain by, say, basing his entire re-election campaign around it.

Anyway, the erosion of Bush's support in the aftermath of Clarke's testimony has begun. According to the latest Newsweek poll, Bush's approval rating on his "efforts to fight terror and improve homeland security" dropped eight points in the last week.

Big Media now has all weekend to digest that, and will get to watch Condy on 60 Minutes Sunday to boot. Notice how Rice has now gone on every forum Clarke has except the one where she'd be, y'know, under oath and all.

The US News and World Report put it best:

We've seen this movie before. It's Trailer Park Trash, the sequel, starring Richard Clarke. Remember the original? That's the one where Bill Clinton fans started calling Paula Jones names after she dared suggest inappropriate behavior on the part of the then governor. And what about that "stalker" Monica? Wasn't she just another misguided, trashy gal who wouldn't leave the poor, hardworking president alone? Please. This much we've learned: An attack machine in overdrive signals fear.

The administration's blood is in the water, and the pirahna have been fasting for three years now...

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