Sunday, March 21, 2004

First: read this Rummy memo from February 2001. Notice the distinct absence of 'al Qaeda' or 'terrorism' or other such concepts.

Next: make sure to watch the interview with Richard Clarke tonight on 60 Minutes.

You can argue whether the Clinton strategy for dealing with al Qaeda was effective. But at least they had a strategy. Despite repeated, vehement warnings, the Bush administration ignored the threat they posed until September 12, 2001 -- and even then, their immediate, knee-jerk response was, "Let's go get Iraq!"

This administration failed the American people in those first critical months, and as a result 3000 people died.

Since then, this administration has ignored that failure, and the people whose negligence led to the tragedy still have their jobs.

Next time Big Media peddles the 'Kerry is soft on defense' meme, just keep that in mind.

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