Sunday, March 07, 2004

I haven't vanished -- I just wanted to leave the Aristide posts up for a while, since the US media was steadfastly ignoring the story. If you want to keep up with the latest just click on the 'Narcosphere' link there on the left.

These two puzzle pieces are almost sad in their inevitability, though:

Haitian rebel fighters refuse to disarm -- The National Post

Police chief bans personal weapons -- Chicago Tribune

The new police chief is the ex-head of the Haitian Coast Guard Leon Charles, appointed by interim president and former Supreme Court chief justice Boniface Alexandre. Charles was trained in the US, but I don't think much more is known about him. Or Alexandre, for that matter. Either way I think it's safe to guess they'll both be more willing to play ball with the White House than Aristide was.

The real question with those two headlines, though, is whether that ban applies to Guy Phillipe and his thugs. I'm gonna guess no. Alexandre has already said the rebel leaders won't be arrested for their past crimes, minor misdemeanors like murder and such.

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