Monday, March 15, 2004

Instapundit gets an 'F' in basic research skills. (Original article is in the Miami Herald.)

I posted this on Matthew Yglesias' blog as well, but it's my scoop so I get to put it up here too.

Here's Kerry clearly voting 'yea' on Helms-Burton (HR 927).

Here's Kerry's caveat about his yea vote, in which he makes clear that Title III was what he had a problem with, that Title III was not part of the bill the Senate had just approved, and that he would fight against any attempt to re-instate Title III.

Here's Kerry voting 'nay' on the conference report which re-instated a rather toothless version of Title III, requiring presidential declaration of suspension or enforcement of its provisions every six months.

And here's a link indicating that the provisions of Title III, to date, have never been enforced by either Clinton or Bush.

So Kerry a) fought against what he thought were the worst parts of Helms-Burton (and to date, successfully) but b) is quite correct in saying he voted for the bill.

Whether that makes him as tough on Castro as he says, that you can question.

(EDITED to kill Kaus/Giordano refs... nods to two other blogs in one post is plenty.)

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