Thursday, March 11, 2004

It's only the National Review, and I can't imagine this is something the Pubs want to get into, but nonetheless it deserves a spanking:

In a guest column, Andrew Cline takes Kerry to task for not "correcting the terminology" of a supporter who asked, "What can you do to prevent them from stealing the election again?"

After listing a host of other verbal 'sins' on Kerry's part regarding the 2000 election, Cline drops the hammer. On his own thumb:

Apparently Kerry (along with most Democrats) forgot that USA Today, the Miami Herald, the Tampa Tribune, the Bradenton Herald, Florida Today, the Tallahassee Democrat, the News-Press of Fort Myers, the Pensacola News Journal, Knight-Ridder newspapers, and the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago (hired by the Washington Post, the New York Times, and several other newspapers) all reviewed the Florida election results of 2000, and found that not only did Bush win the ballots that were officially counted, but he also won after counting every ballot cast.

This is, to put it charitably... aw, forget charity. It's a lie.

This was the result of that comprehensive (as much as it could be) recount:

- if the recount procedure proposed at the time by the Gore camp had been used, Bush wins.

- if the recount procedure proposed at the time by the Bush camp had been used, Bush wins.

This was the basis of all the "Bush won Florida" headlines. Remember, though, that neither side called for a full recount of every ballot; both sides 'cherry-picked' specific counties to be recounted.

The punchline was buried much further down in the articles:

- if every vote in the state had been recounted using any conceivable standard, Gore wins.

Wanna count hanging chads? Gore wins. Don't wanna count 'em? Gore wins. Apply a unified standard to all votes? Gore wins. Let each county individually determine their standard? Gore wins.

Big Media desperately wants to forget how they screwed that one up. Nobody else should ever forget.

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