Sunday, March 21, 2004

Sully keeps teasing a defection, but some habits are just hard to break.

Here he makes a tenuous, weak-ass Kerry joke when linking to this story in the Onion...

...while completely ignoring this story about Rummy in the same issue which, dammit, is just plain funnier than the other one.

"Who can deny that conflict is a purifying flame which sears away cowardice, hesitation, sentiment—all that which is unworthy in Man?" Rumsfeld said, stroking his albino cheetah. "And my fighting arena is the crucible which concentrates that fire into the refined white heat of invincibility. The victor of my Eagle Fist Tournament shall be, by nature and definition, unsurpassed in the ways of the warrior. Such a fighter is fit to be the instrument of Rumsfeld."

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