Monday, March 29, 2004

Sully's going to be a bellweather for the breaking of this meme, methinks:

The way some people are now talking, you'd think the White House hadn't targeted Afghanistan and al Qaeda before Saddam. But they went to al Qaeda's base first, taking the war to the enemy patiently and determinedly - with enormous success first against the Taliban and then against Saddam.

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew... in the context of 9/11, Saddam was not the enemy.

The problem with Clarke's Pearl Harbor analogy, though, is that Saddam was a rotter, whereas Mexico was actually on the Allies' side. "Having been attacked by al Qaeda, for us now to go bombing Iraq in response would be like our invading Siam after the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbour," would probably be a little more historically analogous.

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