Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Um... huh?

Read this Atrios post, then this one, to catch up on the Letterman clip flap.

Now check this Google News search on how much attention the story is getting. Yes, those are crickets you're hearing.

Now what the hell is going on?

There are exactly two possibilities for what happened here:

1) CNN lied to the public, twice, about the White House telling them the Letterman video clip was tricked up.

2) The White House lied to CNN about the Letterman video clip being tricked up, and CNN didn't bother to verify it with any outside sources.

You'd think all those media critics, watchdogs, and enemies of the liberal power cabal would be screaming from the rooftops about CNN's blatant screw-up -- and either way, they screwed up -- by now, wouldn't you?

UPDATE: Links to the original Letterman bit, and CNN's idiocy, can be found here.

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