Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Wolf Blitzer, of all people, made a decent (if obvious) point on Tuesday's public 9/11 hearings -- the questioning of Albright and Powell devolved into base partisan politics, with the Dems tossing softballs to Madeline and grilling Colin, and the Pubs doing the inverse. The same thing will likely happen this afternoon with Cohen and Rummy.

What Wolf doesn't bother to follow up with, of course, is what the commission will do tomorrow when Clarke lays into both the Clinton and Bush administrations. At that point the charge that Clarke is simply being partisan will evaporate, along with the contradictory 'he was out of the loop' (Cheney) and 'he was in charge on 9/11, it's his fault' (Rice) idiocy.

And that will leave the Pubs with exactly zero defenses against Clarke. He's credible, he's knowledgable, he's apolitical, and he has plenty of corraborative evidence supporting his case.

Incidentally, some of the strongest blows Powell took had nothing to do with him, and everything to do with Condy's refusal to testify in public. One of the barbs actually drew an ovation from the room.

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