Thursday, April 08, 2004

Hamilton is leading with the "urgency" issue, and laying out point by point -- from Woodward's book to the one meeting in 100 about terrorism -- the criticisms. But he has no real question, and just lets Rice offer her rebuttals.

Re: Woodward. Rice falls back on Karen Hughes' spin that the response was actually about killing bin Laden, not al Qaeda in general. Her quote also contains a Bushism -- "what's the word... 'bring him to justice' ". Points for authenticity, at least.

Re: the 100 meetings. She says White House records show 33 meetings, not 100, and three of them were about terrorism in general (if not al Qaeda specifically). Umm, shouldn't those records have been provided to the commission, Condy?

Re: "back burner". She basically says that Shelton wasn't in the loop, although she's nicer about it tahn Cheney was.

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