Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Here's another (somewhat surprising) group who may not be drinking the Bush Kool-Aid anymore: the Supreme Court. (Fat Tony and Rehnquist are still on board, of course, but it'll take something like an intervention to get them off the stuff.)

Of course if the Supremes find that even the extra-nationals at Gitmo are being held illegally, the US citizens there might as well be handed Get Out of Jail Free cards.

The right wingnuts don't want to hear this, but: even if you think that it's fine to detain potential terrorists indefinitely, the way the Bush government has pursued the policy -- acting, essentially, like a banana republic and/or fascist dictatorship (pick your favorite metaphor) -- has left the door open for their release. A slightly less power-drunk approach, one with even token nods towards that Constitution thing, would have been both wiser and safer.

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