Monday, April 12, 2004

Hopping into the wayback machine for those wondering why Kerry is taking so long to select a VP/busting his chops for flip-flopping on his VP choice, we find (without effort) this CNN.com article from July 25, 2000, the day Cheney's selection was announced:

Ironically, Cheney was the man Bush had tapped to lead his vice presidential search efforts. After three months of deliberations and "vetting" of potential candidates, Bush has chosen a trusted family adviser with whom he has already forged a close working relationship.

We also get this:

A leading Bush strategist characterized the selection of Cheney on Tuesday morning as "solid, serious," and said Cheney's addition to the GOP ticket should convey a message of how determined Bush is to build a "staff of experienced adults ready to effectively manage the government and do the people's business in an air of greatly reduced partisanship."

Nothing can beat history in the irony department.

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