Saturday, April 10, 2004

Right-Wing Geniuses on Parade, Part 2: Gregg Easterbrook Goes Off His Medication

E-mail to Easterblockhead:

Just curious, Gregg -- what in your experience makes you think Bush couldn't have built a case for an invasion of Afghanistan within six months if he'd wanted to? He certainly didn't have any trouble doing it with Iraq.

The difference between the two, of course, would have been the existence of actual evidence of plots and links to the Cole bombing and such when it came to an attack on al Qaeda and the Taliban, while the White House had to lie about WMDs to justify their attack on Saddam.

Your entire premise rests on ignoring one of the very skills the Bush administration has demonstrated over the last three years, the ability to mold public opinion. That's just stupid.

Mind you, at least you didn't attribute actions to a dead guy, so you're one up on Cliff May.

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