Thursday, April 08, 2004

Roemer is asking nasty (for Condy) questions too.

First up: In her opening statements Rice said "The terrorists were at war with us, but we weren't at war with them." Roemer asks, basically, who was responsible for that failure, and why it didn't cost them their jobs.

Second: The first guy Rice called for the morning of 9/11 was Dick Clarke. He was THE counter-terrorism guy. Why wasn't he allowed to brief the president prior to 9/11? Why didn't the president ask to be briefed by him?

Third: He completely doesn't understand why the principals didn't meet about terrorism with the heightened threat level.

Now he's clashing with her about that August 6 PDB, and asks point blank if she would like it declassified so they can discuss the matter in full.

And now he's essentially calling her a liar with regard to the FBI being "tasked" about al Qaeda. He's pointing a finger straight at her, and she keeps passing the buck -- the CSG, the FBI, Andy Card, for the love of God anybody but me!

Rice is toast.

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