Thursday, May 06, 2004

In a sane world, the Abu Ghraig revelations would have been enough to sink any presidency.

Point: The Red Cross had been trying to get the US government to take action on the problem for months.

Point: The Taguba Report was completed two months ago and according to Seymour Hersh, Taguba's was the third investigation into prison abuses in Iraq.

Point: CNN first ran a story about this (without much in the way of details, and of course without pics) back in January. (Kevin Drum gets the nod for the last two tidbits.)

This information has been available, both inside the Pentagon and in the media, for at least three and a half months, and more likely longer. If Bush says he just found out about it now, that leads to one of two conclusions:

1) He's lying. He's known about it for months, and is only making noise about it now because the public release of the pictures made it impossible to do otherwise.

2) He's telling the truth, and thus proved that he is so completely isolated and insulated from the world around him as to be effectively autistic.

Take your pick.

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