Thursday, May 06, 2004

Josh Marshall's latest is a must-read: is Rumsfeld really dead man walking?

Two points about what JMM wrote:

- I agree that the administration won't want to risk confirmation hearings for a new Secretary of Defense. That's why I don't think they'd have any; the simplest solution, for them, would be to put off naming one until after the election, and just let Wolfowitz run the department in everything but name. I don't know how long they could get away with it (or even the legality/constitutoinality of it), but I guarantee you the little hamster in Karl Rove's brain is exhausting itself keeping that wheel going.

- I think the biggest danger for Bush is what Rummy does after he's kicked to the curb. The whole Bush house of cards hangs together on loyalty; in theory that's supposed to go both ways, but in practice of course it only flows up the chain, not down. If Rumsfeld -- his career essentially over -- feels at all betrayed by the way he was pushed out, what's he got to lose by writing his own book?

A pipe dream? Of course. But Rumsfeld being forced to resign was a pipe dream a couple of weeks ago...

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