Thursday, May 20, 2004

Looks like Chalabi has just about used up the last of his nine lives.

Following the raid on his compound this morning comes word that Chalabi passes crucial intel to the Iranians -- this after the accusation that a Chalabi lieutenant has already stolen $22 million from the Iraqi treasury, even before there was anyone to steal it from:

At the center of the inquiry is Nouri, whom Chalabi picked as the top anti-corruption official in the new Iraqi Finance Ministry. Chalabi heads the Governing Council's finance committee, and has major influence in its staffing and operation.

When auditors early this year began counting the old Iraqi dinars brought in and the new Iraqi dinars given out in return, they discovered a shortfall of more than $22 million. Nouri, a German national, was arrested in April and faces 17 charges including extortion, fraud, embezzlement, theft of government property and abuse of authority. He is being held in a maximum security facility, according to three sources close to the investigation.

That ain't bad, really -- Chalabi only took us for $33 million over three and a half years.

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