Thursday, June 10, 2004

Good God.

Mr. Baker, 37, a former member of the 438th Military Police Company, said he played the role of an uncooperative prisoner and was beaten so badly by four American soldiers that he suffered a traumatic brain injury and seizures. He said the soldiers only stopped beating him when they realized he might be American.

Josh Marshall linked to this in the NYT, saying "What can you say about this stuff?"

You can say this: Impeach the man on whose watch these things happened.

Bush doesn't deserve a trouncing in the polls. He deserves to be subjected to the abuses he fostered, in a stinking hole, the way Specialist Sean Baker was abused, the way so many at Abu Ghraib were abused, the way Jose Padilla was abused.

But in lieu of that, I will accept the disgrace of an impeachment, and his place in American history as the one president children should be encouraged to spit upon.

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