Sunday, June 27, 2004

I missed it, but thankfully Big Left Al didn't -- Kerry thinks democracy is pretty keen, and says the US should support democratic leaders, "even an imperfect one such as Aristide in Haiti or Chavez in Venezuela."

It's easy to take shots here (for instance, where the hell were you, John, in 2000?) but it is exactly this kind of attitude that is going to be necessary to undo some of the monumental damage Bush has done to America's rep around the world.

Business as usual, as its been practiced since the end of WWII and as it was refined by Kissinger, has led us inexorably to Iraq.

Simply replacing Bush, important as it is, won't be enough. The change will have to be systemic -- and a statement like this, blindingly obvious as it might seem on the surface, is a great first step.

More than that -- it indicates that Kerry is already thinking ahead to past the election, to how he's going to govern. There's a danger in getting ahead of yourself, but offering a clear nod towards a positive post-Bush future, and a way out of this mess, is worth the risk.

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