Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I think the third word Brad searches for at the end of this post is exactly right. Big Media is decadent, in both the 'decaying' and especially the 'self-indulgent' sense.

To paraphrase Jay Bulworth, white people have more in common with black people than they do with news people.

This will sound heretical, but bear with me -- Fox News may have the right idea. at least in the concept of niche news marketing. If the media stopped pretending that they speak for Everyman and simply picked a demographic, we'd have less of this sneering contempt disguised as populism. Because isn't that what Saletan's feeble attempts to 'translate Kerry's speech into plain English' amount to? You simple plebes won't understand all the big words, so let me dumb it down for you! Ditto for Isikoff's 'don't worry your pretty little head, just go help with the dishes while us smart men retire to the library to smoke cigars and debate policy' implications, and Kakutani's leering demands for less Nigeria, more... you know.

That's not the NYT's audience. That's not MSNBC's or Slate's audience. I'm not sure that's anybody's audience, except possibly Entertainment Tonight's.

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