Monday, June 14, 2004

Man, Mickey's become such an easy target. Here's his addendum, for instance, to Kaus' post on Jodi Wilgoren's recent puff piece about Kerry:

Several e-mailers have noted that Wilgoren's report of Kerry's obsessive speech-polishing ("deeply involved in tiny details on policy ... spends hours fiddling with spech drafts ... 'He's not satisfied until he's achieved a level of perfection he's willing to call his own'") is rather at odds with the candidate's explanation that "overzealous speechwriters" were responsible for his now-inconvenient "Benedict Arnold CEO" rhetoric, or that aides had erroneously included the names of James Baker and Jimmy Carter as possible Middle East envoys in a major speech last December. You'd think Wilgoren herself might point this out. [She has to get back on a plane with the guy--ed. So she can get all those colorful insider details!]

Just as Mickey suggests that Wilgorin's 'zero dimensional' portrait does more harm than good, I'd suggest Kaus' sad little attack on Kerry's 'obsession' with his speeches does him more good than harm.

Look at the timeline -- both the 'Benedict Arnold' stump speech and the Baker/Carter refs are from last winter. Wilgorin's profile was compiled in the spring and summer -- note the specific refs to Memorial Day and such.

Don't suppose Kerry's newfound attention to the details in his speeches might have something to do with those gaffes -- gaffes Kaus would like to think are just cover stories for flip-floppery. Nah, that would actually be logical!

Now I will anxiously look forward to Kaus' filleting of Liz Bumiller's next White House Letter...

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