Monday, June 28, 2004

Rather than waiting for Wednesday, pseudo-sovereignty was handed over to the Iraqi interim government today.

Although Allawi's government will have "full sovereignty," according to a U.N. Security Council resolution earlier this month, there are important constraints on its powers. It is barred from making long-term policy decisions and will not have control over more than 160,000 foreign troops who will remain in Iraq. The government has the right to ask them to leave, but has made clear it has no intention of doing so.

What's the Arabic word for Vichy? (Or am I dancing on the edge of Godwin's Law with that one?)

And I'm sure the terrorists will be extremely disheartened to find out that the US government is willing to ignore its own iron-clad deadlines and jump through hoops in response to their attacks... or am I somehow misreading the situation?

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