Thursday, June 17, 2004

Those wacky Brits and their obsessive compulsion to respect the "truth". When will they learn?

I'm not sure which part of the piece is my favorite. Is it this?:

The Independent Television Commission, which preceded Ofcom, responded to complaints last year that Fox did not meet its strict "due impartiality" rules by issuing a ruling that is regarded in some quarters as a fudge to avoid a standoff with Mr Murdoch: it said "due" meant "adequate or appropriate", and Fox News could justifiably claim to have achieved a level of accuracy and impartiality that was appropriate to its audience in the US, where different rules apply.

(Translation: The bloody colonials wouldn't know 'impartial' if it bit them in their arses.)

Or maybe it's this:

It is unlikely, however, that the Fox rant would get past even a more relaxed regime in Britain, because of its lack of basis in fact.

That pretty much describes all of them -- Fox rants, that is -- doesn't it?

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