Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Wow, that was fast. It's been, what, two days?, and already the Iraqi interim government is coming apart at the seams:

Kurdish members of Iraq's government could resign from their posts in response to the failure of the new UN resolution to recognise Kurdish autonomy, a senior Kurdish minister warned today.


Today, the public works minister Nasreen Berwari, one of the Kurdish officials appointed to the new government, said democracy had been "usurped".

"If the [Kurdish political] leadership calls on us to withdraw from the government, then we will do so. All the struggles we made last year have been lost," she added. Ms Berwari said she fully supported the position of Mr Talabani and Mr Barzani, adding that the lack of endorsement for the interim constitution was a rejection of all minority rights.

Actually, I think I prefer the translation on the Turks.us site:

All struggles which we carried out last year, went down the drain. We saw how democracy was mugged!

Bush/Cheney -- Mugging democracy since 2000!

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