Monday, July 05, 2004

Any guesses on how the usual gang of idiots would be handling this story if it were Kerry's personal physician?

COULTER: Kerry considers himself so far above normal human experience that he even delegates his vices. A painkiller addiction is too gauche for Kerry -- why, Rush Limbaugh had one! Better assign it to the help. Still, after Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, I guess moral corruption once removed is a step up for liberals.

O'REILLY: But Kerry has his own problems on the morality front. His stance on abortion has the Catholic Church turning against him; his stance on gay marriage has that group eyeing him warily; and now even his own people are being exposed as drug addicts. A political shark like Karl Rove, Bush's man in the shadows, must be smelling blood in the water.

HANNITY: Shut up! Shut up! Just answer the question: does John Kerry knowingly employ drug addicts?


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