Sunday, July 04, 2004

Following up on my post about there being no reconstruction money for Baghdad University textbooks -- apparently no money's been spent on anything in Iraq.

Think about this for a second:

Thus far, according to the report, nothing from the package has been spent on construction, health care, sanitation and water projects. More money has been spent on administration than all projects related to education, human rights, democracy and governance.

Of course there's a positive spin on this. How could you doubt it?

Officials with the contracting office contend the amount of money actually spent does not reflect the full scope of work being performed. A more accurate figure, they said, is the amount of money allocated for reconstruction work. Just over $5.2 billion had been allocated as of June 22, according to the White House budget report.

"The money that is disbursed is typically not disbursed until the work is completed, so it doesn't give the best picture of what's going on," said John Proctor, a spokesman for the contracting office. "Some of our projects take months, or even years, to complete."

Translation: If things go to $#!+ and the projects never get completed, we don't owe anyone a dime. Luxury Hummers for everybody! Huzzah!

Yet another case of the Bush administration not being willing to back up their rhetoric with actions.

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