Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Good thing Reagan didn't live to see this, huh?

American officials agreed to return five terrorism suspects to Saudi Arabia from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, last year as part of a secret three-way deal intended to satisfy important allies in the invasion of Iraq, according to senior American and British officials.

Under the arrangement, Saudi officials later released five Britons and two others who had been convicted of terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, the officials said. British diplomats said they believed that the men had been tortured by Saudi security police officers into confessing falsely.

So here's the question: Were the Saudis released from Gitmo also falsely imprisoned innocents (in which case, what were they doing there, and why did it take a secret deal to get them out?) Or were they 'real' terrorists (in which case, WTF?)

This is the ultimate lose-lose for the Bushies -- either way, it reflects badly on the War on Terror. No wonder they snuck it out there on the holiday.

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