Thursday, July 08, 2004

Huh. With Wolf Blitzer missing from CNN's noon show, his replacement Carol Lin actually has the balls to (sort-of) ask CNN's White House correspondant whether the latest terror warning was motivated by campaign concerns.

Holy crap, now she's asking whether Ridge's "al Qaeda might target the conventions" statement was even credible. Is this really CNN? Have I slipped into some sort of parallel universe?

UPDATE: OK, now this is just bizarre. To discuss whether the Pubs politicized this latest terror announcement, CNN brings on a Republican pollster, and a New Republic editor, essentially forcing Lin herself to be the contrary voice, especially with Conway (the pollster).

Lin even does a good job of catching Conway in a huge logical flaw -- first Conway talks about the Madrid bombing as a precedent that al Qaeda can influence elections, then Conway says that another terrorist attack would probably scare people into not wanting to rock the boat. (Although sadly, Lin doesn't pounce on it.)

Me am in Bizarro World!

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