Sunday, July 25, 2004

This is surreal. Mickey Kaus is on CNN as their blogging 'expert', talking about how it's OK to toss slurs around (i.e. 'Kerry is soporific and frozen-faced') just so long as you don't lie (i.e. 'Kerry slept in a townhouse!') Strangely enough, every single example Mickey trots out is anti-Dem ('In the mainstream media, you can't talk about how Richard Holbrooke is happy about Sandy Berger's troubles, but you can in a blog.') What are the odds?

He at least had the good grace to admit you can be "obsessive" on a blog.

The meme I now hate: 'mainstream media, as opposed to blogs.' Meme I'd like to see replace it: 'The maintream media is out of the mainstream'. The Onion, of course, is way ahead of me.

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