Sunday, July 25, 2004

This just in: Kaus is not a sabermetrician!

Note especially poster Social Scientist's comment:

Eddie Yost was a mediocre hitter who became an All-Star by letting the opposing pitcher screw up: he often led the league in walks, was near the top in on-base percentage. Boring, seemingly passive, reliable, effective...

Right. Maybe Kerry's being candid, not phony. What does it say that he admires a player who got on base not by hitting but by walking? Hmmm.

That he's read Bill James? Oh, but wait -- Kerry didn't say he admired him, he said he was his favorite. If Kaus weren't such a pasty-faced girlie-man* and actually followed sports, maybe he'd have a clue what the difference was.

* - cheap shot, or non-lie? We report, you decide!

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