Thursday, August 12, 2004

Atrios is on fire today, catching Big Media spewing its spoon-fed RNC bile back out to the public here and here, and then countering with the obvious rebuttal here and here.

Explain this to me: why does any so-called journalist even read talking points from a political party, RNC or DNC? You know they are nothing but spin. You know they don't, and aren't designed to, convey any kind of objective truth. So why read them at all, much less report them as 'news'?

This isn't simply laziness. This is something deeper. You have to, on some level, truly loathe yourself to let yourself be used so transparantly.

Calling the Suzanne Malvaux's of the world 'whores' is an insult to the oldest profession. We need a new word to describe them... otherwise, by default that new word will become 'journalist', and that isn't going to do anyone any good.

Quite frankly what we really need is the Monty Python knight, armed with his rubber chicken, to wander on-camera and smack these fools upside the head every time they debase us and themselves with this shit. For the newspaper types, perhaps a stockade in the public square, so concerned citizens can hurl rotten fruit at their heads and dogs can piss on them.

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