Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I just added Billy Beck's blog to my list, after stumbling across a post of his via DenBeste's virtual seppuko, via Sully.

Some history -- Billy was the guru-in-residence of the anarchist/libertarian site American Liberty, which has since closed up shop. I was on under my Anton Sirius nom de net. I pissed Billy off with something-or-another (Billy isn't hard to piss off), and he gave the mod a 'me or him' ultimatum.

Exeunt Anton. (And, after a suitable delay, me back on the board under another name...)

I'd forgotten how good a writer he is. I mean, damn. I guarantee you will not agree with everything he says or believes, but he is absolutely worth reading.

(Translation: someone below, in one of my rare comments, couldn't figure out if I was a Kerry supporter or not. It's nice that it wasn't clear, since I'm not -- Bush must go, and since I started this blog in January the focus has been mostly anti-Bush when it wasn't anti-Big Media. Once Bush is evicted, that emphasis will most definitely change... consider my trip down memory lane a bit of foreshadowing, if not optimism.)

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