Thursday, August 05, 2004

It's been a while since I paid a visit to Mr. I-Hate-Kerry-and-Everything-He-Is-Standing-For-This-Minute-Which-Will-Change-Tomorrow-But-I'm-Voting-For-Him-Anyway... I wonder what he's up to? Let's take a look, shall we?

Hmm. One long-winded, snide attack on Teresa which amounts to one post from one audience member at a speech who thought she talked too long. This, in Kausese, suggests that Teresa has become a problem for the Kerry campaign, one that needs to be jettisoned. Um, sure.

Next, we have a link to a blog post that, through the use of torturous logic Lynnie England would certainly give a big thumb's up to, deduces Kerry is dumber than Bush because Bush went to Harvard Law School and Kerry didn't. O-o-o-okay.

Next, a muddled rebuttal of Ruy Teixeira's somewhat-less-muddled explanation for the missing bounce, which basically reduces to "I don't like that Kerry guy." Kaus' logic has become so repetitive and ouroborean that he really should reduce his 'arguments' to a system of symbols, just to save bandwidth.

Finally, Kaus makes a big show of researching a Tommy Franks appearance with Hannity, in which Franks "backed up John Kerry's old claims of atrocities in Vietnam". Of course, Kerry made no such claims -- merely repeated the claims of others when questioned about them before Congress -- but Kaus was probably too busy mapping out Kerry's every move the night he slept on the Mall to bother with trivia like what he actually said.

You have to go back to Sunday before Kaus posts anything at all about Bush or the Republicans.

I guess the president's campaign must have been pretty quiet, with nobody doing, saying or delegating anything worth commenting on...

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