Monday, August 23, 2004

I've been making this point on message boards and trying to push it into the memesphere, but I'll state it explicitly (as JMM just did) -- the Swift Bunnies furor is not of Kerry's making.

McCain in 2000. Cleland in 2002. The Rove playbook is exactly the same -- regardless of the particulars of your service, no matter how honorable, it will be targeted, the truth be damned.

Blaming Kerry for bringing it up is absurd. If he hadn't, the Pubs would have unleashed the "What is he trying to hide?" angle of attack (just as they have with Kerry's Senate record.)

In fact this is still the weakest link in the whole charade -- its utter predictability and transparency. The McCain 'Old Tricks' ad is a good start, but the Dems need to keep hammering away at it. It wouldn't matter who Bush was facing; if they served, their service would be dragged through the mud, and if they didn't their lack of service would be derided. Bush could be facing Eisenhower, and the script would be exactly the same.

And for the record: The Swift Bunnies furor is another fairly simple test that Big Media, by and large, is failing.

The SBVFT has zero credibility left. Nada. Every impartial witness who steps forward contradicts them; every piece of documentary evidence produced impeaches their tales.

Any talking head who still pretends this is a 'he said she said' situation is professionally incompetent, and should be fired.

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