Friday, August 20, 2004

Once upon a time, an article like this would have been business as usual for the Senile Old Lady, not something noteworthy.

So the Swift Bunnies for Low-Fat Truth Substitutes (I Can't Believe It's Not Truth!) are liars financed by big-time 'Pub campaign contributors. Their PR hired gun is the widow of Bush's former lieutenant governor. This isn't news, really -- their claims stank from day one.

What is news is the NYT deviating from the "he said she said" script of modern-day political coverage. This time, it's "he said, and here's the evidence he's full of shit".

Which is what it should be. And it doesn't matter who's playing the role of 'he' in tonight's production.

Journos (who don't work for Fox) today spend far too much time worried about appearing 'unbiased', and trying not to appear to favor one side or the other. Hence, "he said she said" -- if you give the Hatfields and McCoys equal time, neither can scream bias.

The problem is, from a professional stand-point it doesn't matter whether a journalist is biased towards one political party or the other. It's irrelevant to their job. The only bias that matters is towards the truth. If one side tells a lie, your job is to expose it. If they keep telling lies, you keep exposing them. And if they whine about 'bias', you tell them to quit lying, and you'll quit writing stories about them.

That's what's been forgotten. The current cream of the Republican party, quite simply, are liars. Congenital and unrepentant. And they've fluorished because the media refused to point out their lies.

Hopefully, that's starting to change.

One little quibble about the article:

Asked about the award, Mr. Thurlow said that he did not recall what the citation said but that he believed it had commended him for saving the lives of sailors on a boat hit by a mine. If it did mention enemy fire, he said, that was based on Mr. Kerry's false reports. The actual citation, Mr. Thurlow said, was with an ex-wife with whom he no longer has contact, and he declined to authorize the Navy to release a copy. But a copy obtained by The New York Times indicates "enemy small arms," "automatic weapons fire" and "enemy bullets flying about him." The citation was first reported by The Washington Post on Thursday.

Actually, Thurlow's Bronze Star was first noted on DKos back on the 5th.

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