Saturday, August 21, 2004

A probably futile e-mail to John McCain:

Dear Senator,

I have long been an admirer of yours. Even if our views on a particular issue differed, I had confidence in your essential decency and integrity, as a politician, as a veteran, and as an American.

I was born in 1972, at Camp Le Jeune, so while I'm far too young to have any memories of that conflict I can't pretend to be neutral about the subject of Vietnam. And what I see being done to Senator Kerry by the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, done with the tacit approval of the president, sickens me.

How can we possibly win the war we're fighting now in Iraq, when we can't let go of the one we fought in Vietnam?

I'm asking you to please stand up and be a voice for sanity. This isn't a campaign finance issue, important as that issue is. This is an issue of truth, and integrity. Those smearing Senator Kerry have been proven to be liars, mostly recently by William Rood. They are motivated by nothing but politics, and their lies dishonor not just Sen. Kerry but anyone who has ever served their country with pride and dignity.

And those who stand with the liars, including the president, dishonor them as well.

There is no middle ground here, not when the lies are so vicious, and so damaging to us as a nation. As long as you continue to campaign for the president, you are supporting these liars. The statements of the president and his press secretary make it clear that they will not even denounce them without some political prid pro quo, as cynical a display as I can image. And as long as you support the president and campaign for him, despite your denouncing of the SBVFT, you too are putting cynical political considerations ahead of the truth.

Don't throw your integrity away like this. Not on this issue, of all issues.

We are a country in need of leaders. Please, please, be one now.

Yours truly,

etc. etc.

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