Friday, August 20, 2004

Y'know, just a few hours ago I was thinking to myself, "Self, it's too bad there isn't some sort of smoking gun tying the Swift Bunnies for Low-Fat Truth Substitutes (I Can't Believe It's Not Truth!) directly to the Bush campaign..."

Of course the FEC will try hard to ignore this, but the question is, will Big Media ignore it?

Worst. Campaign. Ever.

Any day now, I fully expect a series of 'You don't change horses in mid-stream' ads from these maroons.

UPDATE: And the laughs just keep on coming, thanks to Reuters:

Bush campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel denied any coordination with the Swift Boat group, calling it "a frivolous complaint."

John O'Neill, a member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, called it "completely frivolous" and "a direct assault on the First Amendment of the United States."

Proving "coordination" between the campaign and the Swift Boat group could be difficult and time consuming.

Especially when they use the exact same language to defend themselves against the charges... d'oh!

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