Sunday, October 17, 2004

Let's call this post the "Weekend Wrap-up", where I string together completely unrelated topics with some sort of tenuous bond, just so I don't have to post them separately. Yay me!

The amazing thing I'm finding about the tail end of this election cycle is the way it's flushing all the crap in the system to the surface. It's like the Pubs are experiencing a collective (and, really, long overdue) political enema.

Take the Sinclair Group -- please. (Ba-dum bup.) Their stock price continues to head south in the wake of their decision to force their stations to broadcast a Swift Bunnies for Low-Fat Truth Substitutes anti-Kerry doc. Under a Kerry FCC, you have to think Sinclair is going to be in for some serious pain, up to and including getting their broadcast licenses stripped.

Or about how about the Mary Cheney 'controversy'? Imagine all the people who you never would have realized were closet homophobes if they hadn't reacted to the word 'lesbian' like it was an obscenity. Scottie Mac, for instance:

I cannot think of a single instance where a presidential candidate has talked about his opponent's child in such a way.

OK, maybe that one isn't a big shock.

Here's a hint to the dolts in Big Media being led around by the, um, nose on this one. When even Bill Buckley isn't buying what the Pubs are selling here, it must be pretty ripe. Any argument which presents Gary Bauer as the voice of reason and tolerance is a special one indeed.

And remember, the rule of thumb with any Pub talking point is that it actually applies far more accurately to them than to their opponents. So when Lynne Cheney says:

What a cheap and tawdry political trick.

we know who's really wearing the ratty boa and hooker heels here. Right, Lynne?

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